Booking Terms and Conditions

1. All pets boarded at Posh Pets Hotel, whilst they will receive every care and consideration, are boarded entirely at the owners risk.

2. Kim Shilling and Posh Pets Hotel are not held responsible for  illness, escape or death.

3. Kim Shilling and Posh Pets Hotel has the right to take my pet to a vet of her choosing, should they require care or treatment. Fees for her time and travel will also be charged.

4. I give Kim Shilling and Posh Pets Hotel the right and approval to act on vets advice, including euthanasia and any other medical care that is required.

5. I agree to pay for any vet and medical charges for my pet at the end of their agreed stay.

6. I agree to present my rabbits MYXO-RHD1 and RHD2 vaccination card card when required.

7. I agree that there is a minimum charge per housing/cage for each stay or period booked.

8. I Agree that Kim Shilling and Posh Pets Hotel will match my pet to appropriate housing.

9. I agree to pay the full boarding amount in cash to Kim Shilling when I drop off my pet.

10. I agree that I will not remove my pet until all boarding, vet and medical fees are paid, even in the event that my pet passes away while boarding.

11. I agree that Kim Shilling and Posh Pets Hotel can send my pet to a re-homing centre if I fail to collect it within 7days after the agreed collection date.

12. I agree to pay for any additional boarding fees that my be due in the event that any of  my pets that are boarding together, require separating.

13. I agree that if I am bringing my pets habitat with them to board in, it will be cleaned just prior to check in.

14. I agree to bring any live food in secure containers. Bulk bags are not accepted.

15. I agree that all sizes quoted are approximate.

16. I agree that no refunds are given for early collections.

17. I agree that Kim Shilling and Posh Pets Hotel may photograph my pet and use and distribute those photographs as they see fit, reserving all rights.

18. I agree to pay double the boarding fee rate for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Bank Holiday days.

19. To confirm my booking, I agree to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit, amount specified by Kim Shilling, with boarding balances due on the first day of the boarding period.

At Posh Pets Hotel we are committed to practise the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry.

If you would like any further information, please contact Kim on

01959 573426